Do your curls, girls!
1/6/2021 10:17:00 AM by: Cathy Everitt

Who’s your joy-stealer or your biggest aggravation? Whoever, or whatever it is, here’s an exercise to help you. I heard this from a brain health expert on a webinar I attended. He said this exercise can instantly change our brain chemistry, and can be done while sitting in a recliner or anywhere else.

Here it is—curl up the corners of your mouth. Try it. The more we don’t feel like doing it, the more we need it. My first thought about this was, No, I don’t want to be a fake. I don’t want to smile unless it’s sincere. I discovered, though, that when I “do the curl” I do feel better. It’s like looking up instead of down. It reminds me I’m not in charge of anything—except my own responses.

One way I’ve experienced an awareness of the presence of God’s Holy Spirit inside me has been when He caused my mouth corners to curl. Remembering His blessings, especially His scandalous, gracious love for me, makes me smile. Whenever I sing praises to Him, encouragement replaces my biggest enemies, which are usually discouragement or worries. Focusing on all His good news in His Word shrinks the bad news down to its proper size in comparison to Him and all His unimaginable generosity.

Lip curls. Who knew? Jesus has been curling up my lip corners and washing out my eyes with good tears for almost 38 years. The Bible says, “those who look to Him are radiant, and their faces will never be covered with shame or confusion.” Welcome to His free beauty spa and gym. He has paid all your fees.

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Carol Lee From Panama City At 2/10/2021 7:36:42 PM

Oh Cathy, you have outdone yourself once again. Thank you for such a great reminder. There’s no better “curl” than the constant filling up of Jesus’ spirit. Can this be shared on Facebook???

Reply by: Cathy Everitt

Yes. Are we Facebook friends yet? I went off it for a long time and don’t yet have all my “friends” back. Will try to share to your feed or wall or whatever it’s called. If it doesn’t work, go to my location and share from there. Thank you for your encouragement, dear Carol.

Christine Eckersley From Cork, Ireland At 1/7/2021 10:17:24 AM

I so enjoyed this post Cathy and plan to share it with the girls! You have such a gift! And you glorify our gracious God with it, so beautifully. Thank you!

Reply by: Cathy Everitt

Thank you, Christine. Praying for you and yours and all 3 of our nations.

Melissa From Panama City, FL At 1/6/2021 11:44:56 AM

Yes!! It’s amazing how powerful a smile can be. I was curling while reading. And even after a few minutes, realized I was still sitting here with at sweet satisfied smile on my face. Thank you for pointing me to the one who can keep me in a place of joy and peace at all times. No matter what!!

Reply by: Cathy Everitt

Thank you for your encouragement. You are a blessing to all who know you because He shines and lives through you, Melissa,

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