Delicious Cycle

Making Peace with Food and My Body

For many of us, dieting hasn’t produced the permanent results we crave. Have you experienced the temporary pleasure of losing weight, only to regain all the pounds, or even more? Do you often feel miserable about your body?

Cathy Everitt tells of exchanging her vicious cycle of losing and regaining weight for a delicious cycle of peace, joy, and freedom. She uses the same gift of encouragement she displayed in her first inspirational books. Read of her journey out of obesity, bingeing, and body-loathing into making peace with food and her body. You, too, can leave behind whatever vicious cycle has trapped you, and trade it for your own delicious cycle.

About the Author
Cathy Everitt retired from a forty-year career as a speech-language pathologist for students with special needs. She now serves as a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem, or advocate, for children in foster care. Cathy writes and edits for the Christian magazine Go!

When she isn’t writing, Cathy enjoys kayaking, watching old movies, visiting Ireland, and laughing until breathless with her sisters or son. Cathy writes uplifting stories about people and places she loves in Cork and in America. During most of the year, she lives near a bay in Northwest Florida. The egrets and herons there provide inspiration, especially at sunrise.

Cathy feels her purpose in life is to encourage people. She loves to remind us, and herself, to let Jesus love us.

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