Miracles in Haiti

Sharron Etheridge tells amazing stories of God's work in Haiti, where she served as a medical missionary for more than twenty years. Read about miracles of healing, and deliverance from voodoo and Satan worship.

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SHARRON ETHERIDGE as told by Cathy Everitt
Excerpt 1
I’m a missionary, so some people think I’ve had a perfect life. But that’s not true. I’ve had a lot of things go wrong in my life. When I was four years old, a neighbor sexually assaulted me. The man went to trial, and I had to testify at his trial. After the trial ended, my dad called the family together and said, “This will never be discussed in our family again.”
Excerpt 2
Her parents had vowed to sacrifice her in 1988, and this was the last night of the year. Again, I fell on my face and prayed for Edilette. As on the previous night, the voodoo priests and witch doctors passed out, drunk. Edilette's father walked forward to behead her. He grabbed the hair of her head and raised his machete.