When you need inspiration or encouragement, I hope this website and blog will provide good medicine. I crave daily inspiration, and I love to pass it on. God has demonstrated in countless ways He is my heart whisperer. He’s the only one who knows how to help in every challenge.

God’s Word and His Name are powerful beyond any other force in the universe. I believe He created me to give reminders to let Him love on us. I need Him to remind me of this grace every morning. It’s the one needful thing. (Luke 10:42).

Let's  listen together for His whispers. I’ll share photos and words to keep us looking up, and I’d love to read your comments. His Word tells us to encourage each other. Who can tell what He has in store?

For God does speak -- now one way, now another...(Job 33:14,NIV).

This is what the Lord says..."Call to me and I will answer you..." (Jeremiah 33:2-3,NIV).

Cathy's Blog

9/1/2018 6:00:00 AM BY Cathy Everitt

I looked up the word birthright to be sure I understood it. It’s a right, a possession, or a privilege a person acquires just because of her or his birth. From the moment we choose to believe in Jesus, we gain eternal life which Jesus defined as to “know You, the one true God,” (John 17:03). From the moment of becoming born again, into His family, we possess  irrevocable riches.

One birthright we gain is peace. Is there any more priceless and rare possession on earth? We not only obtain eternal peace with God, but access to an eternal Source for peace within our hearts and minds. So often, in the midst of chaos or fear, He has given me a sense of resting in His arms.  This indescribable peace is part of the beautiful nine-attribute fruit of His Holy Spirit who comes to live inside us at the moment of our rebirth. 

The word submission isn’t popular in our modern world, but I have grown to love submission to Jesus (each time I manage to do it). In exchange for it, He gives  me heart’s ease, soul satisfaction, and incomprehensible peace. Jesus is helping me become more patient, or peaceful, with others and myself. Sometimes, He causes me to echo David in Psalms 16: …surely I have a delightful inheritance!